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March 20, 2024x
45:1662.17 MB

A Pebble Named Sue

Colonoscopy woes. Rock-solid sponsor. Coloring books for kids. Brian's off to Cyprus. qmpodcast.com

March 13, 2024x
43:5560.31 MB

All Dogs Go To Benetar

Obits. Pat Benetar. Jack's kids get assimilation tips. Sponsored by silent.partners qmpodcast.com

March 06, 2024x
51:2570.63 MB

Tom Cruise's Cheese Penis

Audition: The Albert R. Broccoli story. Waking up with the Helmuths. Tracing Jack's family's COVID origins. Audition: White House Memoir. A Very Unnecessary Rabbit Testing Facility. Audition: a serial killer's autobiography. Sponsored by Silent Partners. qmpodcast.com

February 20, 2024x
48:2766.55 MB

Only God Can Judd Me

An ad for Silent Partners. Brian moved to Rivertownbergville. An ad for Silent Partners. Great new Californian laws. An ad for Silent Partners. qmpodcast.com

February 02, 2024x
49:3868.16 MB

Half a Helen Keller

Liberal Sects Chat. Comedy Jihad. Jack's a Half-Keller. Masai sneakers. Libertarian Sects Chat. Knights of Death. Silent Partners. Remigrating the unassimilated. Conservative Sects Chat. qmpodcast.com

January 19, 2024x
44:2561 MB

Bonnie's Clyde Packs No Heat

Movie Trailer auditions. Evil Canadian Truth and Reconcilition. Clinton Presidential Library exhibits. Sponsored by Silent Partners. qmpodcast.com

December 25, 2023x
42:4158.63 MB

RFK's Ball Drop Drop

Merry Christmas. No one reads these.