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December 01, 2023x
45:1662.17 MB

Martin Luther Cookie

Dr. Rabinowitz obituary. The King of Detention. New college courses: New Math, Intro to Judaism, American History. Jason Peevy obituary. Holiday Promotions: Ford, Dick's Sporting Goods, Oreo. Ingrid Mackenzie obituary.

November 23, 2023x
43:4860.18 MB

The Temp Wife

United Federation of Lust. Breakfast wine in Morocco. Temp wives. Safe Date. Writing gaffes for Biden. The Entitled Cyclist.

November 16, 2023x
38:0952.41 MB

Strip Comedy Club

Off to Morocco for the Respect Dollars. Jiggles & Giggles, A Gentleman's Comedy Club. Losing the wife to a Saudi Prince. Gregarious Brian. John soiled Taylor. A modern reboot of popular comics: Garfield, Peanuts, Calvin & Hobbes. 

October 21, 2023x
53:3773.65 MB

Gerber's Celebrity Nipples

Brian was in Maui for the wildfires. Jack has a new baby and needs advice. Brian is a marketing genius improving baby products. qmpodcast.com 

October 10, 2023x
41:1656.7 MB

Vincent and His Seagull-Killing Twin

Tips on listing your home. Road trip guide. Barry White's romantic song for cats. Jack auditions for audiobooks: Clip Clop, Ibram X. Kendi's Guide to the Stock Market, The Ogre's Child.

August 14, 2023x
36:1349.75 MB

Carbon Conscious Fast & Furious

Frenchman having a stroke opening. Brian lost a girl to sweating. Debate camp. Brian reacquainted Jack's wife her money. Woking the blockbusters: Fast & Furious, Transformers, Rocky, Jurrasic Park.

July 15, 2023x
45:2562.37 MB

Waterborne Airhorn Flare Monkey

Brian fights ableism with a flare-bearing monkey. Mouring the open we never got to know. Coke in the White House. Polyamonours Mayor. Jack reads Obituaries: Irving Maximus Rothwell, Sunny Dee, Stockton Rush.