Questionable Material with Jack & Brian

Questionable Material with Jack & Brian

A Comedy Podcast with Comedy in it.

Brian Sack and Jack Helmuth once had a dark, irreverent and hilarious TV show that was ahead of its time. Now they have a podcast like everyone else.

June 01, 202401:03:26

Doomed Poultry Glance

Jack auditions for The Spy. Brian's Hostile Environment Awareness Training. Chicken Auschwitz. Evading kidnap. Jack Auditions for Romeo & Juliet 2025. Hostile checkpoints. The Talk. Jack auditions for An American in London. Sponsored by

May 24, 202452:17

She's So Stoned (for Adultery)

Prestigious western stoning rocks. Six Flags at half mast. Extracting a Zionist from college. Mallet Monkeys. Death by vengeful salmon. Sponsored by Silent.Partners 

May 08, 202449:38

The One With The Drone Strike

Nancy Lynn's Organic Bakery. Brian was gone because of a terrible thing that actually happened. Friends episodes you didn't know about. Top Golf. Gen Z boardgame adaptations. Hobby Lobby. RIP Damian. Sponsored by

April 23, 202405:06

Accidental Hiatus Explainer

Brian explains the accicental hiatus because Jack asked him to explain the accidental hiatus.

March 20, 202445:16

A Pebble Named Sue

Colonoscopy woes. Rock-solid sponsor. Coloring books for kids. Brian's off to Cyprus.

March 13, 202443:55

All Dogs Go To Benetar

Obits. Pat Benetar. Jack's kids get assimilation tips. Sponsored by

March 06, 202451:25

Tom Cruise's Cheese Penis

Audition: The Albert R. Broccoli story. Waking up with the Helmuths. Tracing Jack's family's COVID origins. Audition: White House Memoir. A Very Unnecessary Rabbit Testing Facility. Audition: a serial killer's autobiography. Sponsored by Silent Partners.