Season 4

August 14, 202336:13

Carbon Conscious Fast & Furious

Frenchman having a stroke opening. Brian lost a girl to sweating. Debate camp. Brian reacquainted Jack's wife her money. Woking the blockbusters: Fast & Furious, Transformers, Rocky, Jurrasic Park.

July 15, 202345:25

Waterborne Airhorn Flare Monkey

Brian fights ableism with a flare-bearing monkey. Mouring the open we never got to know. Coke in the White House. Polyamonours Mayor. Jack reads Obituaries: Irving Maximus Rothwell, Sunny Dee, Stockton Rush.

July 07, 202331:18

The 1492 Project

The 1492 Project. Jack is sad he wasn't invited to Brian's Party. Brian wife speak word. God took Brian's mom and made him hate Connecticut. Horse piñata.

June 23, 202335:05

Klingon Affirming Care

Home Automation Experts LLC. The kid is back from college and the wife is transitioning. Celebrity endorsements: Dwayne the Rock Boyardee, Madonna for Jello, Colin Kapernick for The Marines, Billy Joel on Scranton.

May 18, 202342:17

Do You Know The Methane Man?

Cat Investments, LLC. Brian and Jack's sleepover. Brian has great and Ecuadorian remodeling tips for Jack’s new house. Brian would be a great philanthropic Koch brother if only given the chance.

April 28, 202346:03

A Cantaloupe In They’s Pants

Tucker & Lemon. Brian's back from Turkey. Jack made a mistake and has big news. Bud Light made a mistake? Hold my beer.

March 12, 202308:36

What's Happenin' - Turkey Edition

Brian gives an update from Turkey, which Turks call Turkiye.